The Cult of Orcus

A Dwarf Walks Into A Bar...

The party is sitting around a table at the Lucky Gnome early one evening when a dwarven merchant named Gimral comes in to deliver a couple of barrels of ale. He sits at the bar collecting his payment and begins to tell Kelson, the bartender, of the problems that he and the rest of his town’s people are having with a pack of goblins.

The party, over hearing this (and being very light on work lately), saunter up to the dwarf and offer their services, convincing Gimral that they are a famous and well-renowned band of adventures. Gimral joins them at there table, tells them of the trouble in his town of Harkenwold and directs them to see his uncle at the Cliffside Brewery once they arrive. The dwarf finishes his ale, bids them farewell, and heads back out into the rainy evening.

The party calls it an early night, preps their packs, and head out the following morning on the 4 day journey down the King’s road to Harkenwold.

As they arrive to the walled keep of the village, they are greeted by a guard asking them what there business is in the town. The party tells him that they have been sent by Gimral to speak with Old Kellar at the Cliffside Brewery. The guard is amicable and directs them to the brewery.

Brandis pipes up, asking the guard about the goblin problems that the town is having. The guard appears slightly surprised that these strangers know of their troubles, but attempts to mask this by confidently assuring them that they are safe in the village, and that there is no goblin trouble to speak of.

Opening the door to the brewery they are met with the strong musty scent of hops and barley. A stout, older dwarven woman stands behind the bar, and offers to pour them a drink. The party obliges and asks if Kellar is around. The woman bellows into the backroom and moments later Keller emerges, wiping his hands clean with a rag.

Introductions are made and the party explains why they are there. Kellar ushers them to a secluded, empty table in the corner, as if to keep the matter quiet. His wife brings out fresh bread and cheese, which the tired adventures devour as they speak with Kellar.

Kellar explains that a band of goblins have taken up residence in the ruins beneath the city. The townsfolk have tried to board up and bar any exit from the ruins, but the goblins seem to keep finding ways of passage. He says that the goblins have been robbing under cover of night and have left some of the town’s people near death after attacks. They are famers, not great defenders, and the problem is beyond their handle. The matter of payment is discussed and after several offers and counter offers, a sum of 200gp for the party is decided upon.

Kellar leads the party to a dell just outside the city walls. Along a low cliff an ancient entrance is seen, looking decrepit, and hastily boarded over. Kellar grabs a pick axe and begins prying away boards until there is enough room for the party members to duck down and enter the shaft.

Walking down a low lit hall, ahead the party hears the sound of raucous laughter and shouting from two voices. They attempt to sneak up, but chainmail gets the better of them and the sound clatters through the chamber. The party abandons stealth and charges around the corner to see the two seated goblins are staring right at them.

Battle ensues, blackblades appear, and all the goblins are dispatched. The party finds a bag of gold pieces and scoops some coin from the table where the goblins were sitting.

Down a long hallway the party comes upon a rubble filled room. Three goblins are gathered around a glowing brazier in the corner of the room. The hexer raises is staff and commands his minions to attack. The party engages and shortly thereafter giant rats and fire beetles appear from two rubble piles. As battle continues the cleric approaches the hexer. Using his mace, he uppercuts the brazier, knocking it into the hexer, who is lit on fire by the flaming coals. The party continues to loose the brigands from this mortal plane. The hexer is struck down as he attempts to flee the room and a valuable jewel is found amid the hot embers of the brazier, as the players heal themselves.

At the entrance of the next room the party attempts to peer in through two slightly ajar doors, but the hinges creak loudly and alert the room to the invaders presence. Inside the room a large statue of a swordsman looms over a pit. On the far wall are two sets of closed doors, and a dire wolf bashes himself against a closed portcullis in an attempt to get to the adventurers.

Charging into battle, the player perceptively notice a switch on the wall by the portcullis that is used to control the gate. The player make their way across the room, taking a slash here and there from the minion’s short swords. Several attempts are made to read the rune script above the switch while defenders ward off attacks from the hobgoblin warcaster nearby. Finally the script is deciphered and the gnome disables the device. The gears in the mechanism click and whir for a moment until a screeching sounds is heard as the wrought iron gate rises about an inch, only to suddenly grind to a halt.

As the battle rages on the warcaster continues to take damage from the half-orc ranger, when finally Brandis looses his boar companion on the warcaster, knocking him into the 10 foot deep pit. A final command is made to the boar who dives into the pit and with it’s dying breath tears out the warcaster’s throat.

The battle nears it’s end as the party disarms the lock on one set of doors. The doors open to a dark hallway that only extends 20 feet before it is met with a collapsed section of rock, blocking passage. The doors that they entered the room from slam shut and lock, as grinding noise echoes through the room. The portcullis rises and the dire wolf bolts from his cage.

The party battles the wolf, and is finally killed when Brandis transforms into beast form, delivering one final swipe to the bloodied animal.

The party finds more gold coin. David takes a large tooth from the fled beast as a souvenir. The party picks the lock to the door, and returns to the brewery to let Kellar know that the town is safe once again.


i was going to be brief with this. oh well. it got the best of me. that was a fun game, guys.

A Dwarf Walks Into A Bar...

haha you really got into this one haha well played :D

Can’t wait for the next game!

A Dwarf Walks Into A Bar...

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