The Cult of Orcus

Two Kobolds, One Stone, Part II

After a night of fitful sleep the party prepares a small breakfast from their packs and readies themselves to move on. Sleeping on the hard stone floor causes aches in their bones, and the occasional rattling of the barred doors, roused them from their sleep as a kobold tried to make his way through the dungeon. Shaking of the previous night the PCs set forth.

They work their way deeper into the winding corridors and down decrepit staircases. Soon they come across the whoops and shouts of a group of kobolds at play. Inside the room the kobolds stand on two raised platforms swinging a skull tied to a rope from the ceiling. The skull bashes into a pile of sticky skulls and bones piled atop four stone coffins arranged around a pool of sticky goo. It then grabs a sticky skull, swinging is back up to the other platform where a kobold catches it and pulls the skull free. They continue this game like a macabre tetherball competition.

When the kobolds take notice of the party they shout a battle cry and prepare to use the swinging skull against the invaders.

The PCs take notice that these kobolds are wearing white face paint made to look like skulls.

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The party battles forward. Shivionne moves toward the kobolds and uses mage hand to grab the skull. The kobold struggles momentarily to maintain its grasp, but is no match for the Eladrin wizard’s arcane powers. The spectral hand engulfs the skull and tears it away, carefully returning it to the elf.

Kobolds fall during the battle, but are quickly replaced by more soldiers who continue to hurl a bevy of glue pots and javelins at the party. Eventually the last of the enemies expire. The PCs kick in the double doors between the platforms only to be greeted by three guard drakes.

A short battle ensues. They drakes bunch up, dealing heavy damage on the gnome defender. The cleric shouts healing words at the gnome, as the party crushes in, making short work of the drakes.

After a short rest the party continues forward.

The next room they enter is larger in size. The ceiling rises up higher, and two platforms mark the edges of the room. A small walled keep stands in the center of the area. Kobolds stand along a platform. These too wear the white skull face paint.

As the PCs press in, a wyrmpriest on the first platform raises a war cry, and his soldiers prepare for the fight. The party enters the room as two slingers climb from the inside of the keep up onto the wide walls. They prep their glue pots.

The wyrmpriest raises his staff and speaks in draconic. A warm blast radiates from his staff and the kobold soldiers are given an extra resilience. He then attacks with his fiery orb.

Moments later, as the PCs engage clash in the battle, the sound of thunderous rolling and splitting of timber echoes through the room as the wooden panels below the platform on the south end of the room tear apart and a huge boulder bounds through the area. It smacks up against the keep, and begins its perpetual travel around the keep, crushing everything in its path.

Kobolds are pulled down from their raised positions by the wizard, into the path of the boulder. The gnome is narrowly missed when he presses up against the wall, and the boulder passes inches from his face.

The gnome bounds up onto the walled keep and engages the slingers. A spiretop drake hovers above Brocc attempting several attacks against him, until finally it makes contact. It pecks at the gnomes face and snatches a healing potion from his pack, flying it directly over to the bloodied wyrmpriest. Unfortunately the priest is felled before he is able to imbibe the elixir.

The gnome leaps into the center of the walled keep, but catches his foot on the ledge and face-plants into the dirt. Looking around he spots a switch in the floor. Shivionne climbs the wall and teleports to the switch. She pulls it and the boulder is halted by four iron pins rising up from the floor.

The last of the kobolds are dealt with. Brocc recovers his healing potion from the wyrmpriest’s body along with his war staff and a key that opens the door at the northern corridor.

The party continues deeper into the depths of the hold, until the corridors give way to cavernous walls. As they descend the temperature continues to plummet to the point where icicles have formed on the walls and thin ice crunches under foot.

Finally the path opens into a wide open cavern. Two burning pikes dimly illuminate the room. Upon closer inspection the party sees that the pikes are actually topped with oil filled kobold skulls. In the center of the room is a large frozen pond.

The PCs spot the tip of a scaled white tail from behind a giant stalagmite. The flutter of leathery wings can be heard, and the white dragon lumbers out from hiding.

White dragon

The dragon demands that the adventurers leave, otherwise their lives will not be spared.

The party rushes forward, determined to best the dragon. Druuk positions himself away from the action and launches ranged attacks, striking the dragon mightily.

The dragon casts a freezing breath against part of the group, slowing some. His frightful presence stuns several of the party.

The party works together, boxing in the dragon with Brandish’s boar, Shivionne’s sphere, and Jurich. A blast of energy from the Eladrin, causes the beast to emit a final spray of red frost from it’s nostrils as it collapses onto the ground.

The party searches the room, and uncovers a chest that contains the stolen dragon hide. Among other items found is a letter written in a draconic script that none of the adventurers are able to discern. They pack all of the items away and begin their journey back to Fallcrest.



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