Old Kellar

Dwarven brewer in the town of Harken


Old Kellar is the head brew-master and owner of Cliffside Brewery in the town of Harken. He is also an elder on the town’s council. He’s lived in Harken his entire life and established the brewery more than sixty years ago after retiring from the militia.

Kellar is over 150 years old and was a soldier in the Bloodspear War. After the war he rose through the ranks of the militia, eventually retiring as a captain. He has been a long-standing member of the town council, and is involved in the day-to-day affairs of the town’s politics.

He has a long white beard arranged as two braids. A thick, white pony tail is also braided in the same fashion, and deep scar runs diagonally across his jaw where an orc nearly took his head off during the war.

Kellar is friendly and amicable. The success of his public house business is the direct result of his pleasant nature.

Kellar loves a pint of ale and is a great storyteller when he’s imbibed a bit of his own brew.

Old Kellar

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