The Cult Of Orcus

A newly formed band of adventures have completed there training under the tutelage of Duoven Staul, an aging human paladin. Staul spent three years training the young party, and upon completing their training, they have decided to strike out on their own to build a career filled with fame, fortune, and high adventure.

Leaving Guardmore Abbey (and Staul) behind, the group set their sights on the town of Fallcrest.

Centrally located within the Nentir Vale and at the crossroads of the King’s Road and the dwarven trade routes, Fallcrest serves as a place where the group could locate work through the people passing through, or track down jobs through the rumors and stories that are passed about the common houses and taverns of the town.

Currently, the party has been in Fallcrest for the better part of six months. Work has been slow, and they have yet to establish a name for themselves around town, despite there own promotional efforts. Jobs that have been landed haven’t paid well, or seen much action. Most have involved lone traders needing some protection from brigands and thieves along the trade roads.

Little do they know that soon work will come their way that will set them on the adventuring path that they are seeking.

The Cult of Orcus

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